Help & FAQs

1- How do I register with Trip2Horizon?
Ans:- If you want to register, please click signup. If you want to continue booking as a guest user, we will send you your temporary registration/login details by email.

2- Why should I register with Trip2Horizon?
Ans:-While you can book on as a guest user, we recommend you register with us to make the process faster and more convenient. You won’t have to spend time typing your details every time you make a booking. You will also get priority access to our travel deals by email, before anyone else.

3- How can I change my password?
Ans:-Go to My Bookings and sign in to your account. In ‘My Profile’, click ‘Change Password’ and reset your password.

4- How do I sign in to my account if I forget my password?
Ans:-If you’ve forgotten your password, go to My Bookings on Click ‘Forgot Password’, provide your email address and we’ll send you an email with instructions.

5- How do I edit my account information?
Ans:-Sign in to your account from the My Bookings section. Go to ‘My Profile’ and change or add more details.

6- Can I speak to someone in Customer Support?
Ans:-Trip2Horizon offers 24x7 customer support. You can call us at customer support number (all networks). You can also write to our customer support team and someone will get back to you immediately of your inquiry.